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Is your long-term health condition causing low mood, anxiety & stress - talk to us


Therapeutic Interventions

Our therapeutic interventions are suitable for anyone who lives with a long term condition and is interested in taking a more active approach to manage their mental health and wellbeing needs.

Our waiting time is 2 to 4 weeks.

The service will be delivered by clinically trained IAPT practitioners
(Talking Therapists) located within your GP’s surgery/area.


The process


The referral process is simple, your GP will fill in the referral form and send directly to Living Well UK.

We also accept self-referrals.

Living Well UK is the exclusive partner for the Integrated IAPT for (Long Term Conditions & Medically Unexplained Symptoms) service for Birmingham and Solihull.

How do I access

Talk to your GP or call us on 0121 663 1217

Ring 0121 663 1217 for help